living green walls

Natural drift planting designed by Mark Laurence Water garden in New Hampshire designed by Mark Laurence Concept plan drawing by Mark Laurence Trees lifted and awaiting pruning, Abu Dhabi Living wall in Trondheim designed by Mark Laurence Natural pond and water garden designed by Mark Laurence Tree pruning training, Abu Dhabi by Mark Laurence

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I am a designer of coastal gardens, natural planting, living walls, sustainable landscapes, water and rain gardens. I am also a consulting arborist on urban trees, specialising in assessment of trees and training in the Middle-East.  I am based near London and work internationally, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, USA, Europe and Scandinavia.  I work with a wide range of clients: architects, developers, landscape companies, interior designers, public authorities and private individuals.

Natural planting is a philosophy of creating vibrant, harmonious communities of plants which come from similar zones, climates or conditions. Not necessarily native, they create resilient, low maintenance plant ecologies that are relaxed, tough and harmonious. As we enter an era of rapid climate change, ecologies and landscapes must be adapted by us to cope with an unprecedented rate of change.

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Please note I also provide living walls from Vertology.