water gardens

Water is the most enigmatic of elements. Ponds, water features, lakes and water gardens connect us to this vital and mysterious substance.

natural planting

Designing plants into natural associations to suit the location gives us natural, organic connection, creating a sense of place.

tree consultancy

The oldest living things on Earth are trees, we must revere and care for them, thinking ahead for future generations.

sustainable design

All creativity and construction must have a sense of responsibility too; not to create beauty in one place at the expense of another.

natural planting design
Natural Planting

Natural planting design for low maintenance, contemporary landscapes

sustainable landscapes & gardens
Sustainable Design

The application of sustainability principles in landscape design

water garden design
Water Gardens

Water garden/pond design using natural biofiltration principles

living green walls
Living Walls

Living wall design and implementation using advanced hydroponics

urban landscape design
Urban Landscapes

Design of urban landscapes using sustainability and reslience principles

coastal & beach gardens
Beach Gardens

Design of coastal and beach gardens with appropriate materials and planting

tree consultancy
Tree Consultancy

Consultancy on the care of trees, specialising in the Middle-East region

design of rain gardens
Rain Gardens/SUDS

Rain gardens to moderate stormwater runoff and create beautful landscapes