About Mark Laurence

I am a pioneer in the world of adaptive and sustainable landscapes, natural planting and vertical greening - creating urban green via landscaping and living walls. An MSGD landscape designer, chartered horticulturalist and consulting arborist for 30+ years, in 2007 I co-developed and patented the Biowall System, a modular hydroponic vertical greening method now proven as a robust, market-leading product, in use across Europe, the UAE and the USA. Since this time I have gone on to found Vertology Living Walls and create the Viridiwall™ system.

My enduring love for plants is expressed best in my work designing natural and resiliant planting for gardens and public environments. Ponds, water gardens, rain gardens (WSUDS) and coastal gardens are other areas of speciality.

I am based in Chichester, West Sussex and work internationally.


As a landscape designer I have carried out pioneering work using sustainability as a core principle, long before it became fashionable. In 2006-7 I sat on the SDAC - Sustainable Design Advisory Committee - for the Society of Garden Designers. A commission from the London School of Economics in 2007 to produce a sustainable landscape strategy, led directly to the idea of vertical greening.

In my early days I apprenticed with Anthony Archer-Wills, one of the world's experts in water gardens. I also spent many years learning about trees, working first as an arboricultural contractor and then as consultant to developers and local authorities. These skills are all essential for use in the context of creating holistic and biophilic environments.


Mark consulting on trees in Abu Dhabi