Future Urban Landscapes

horticultural robots will maintain our landscapes

future urban landscapes in a rapidly changing world

Human development is on an exponential growth curve and things are advancing with startling rapidity. Much has changed in the last 20 years but the next 20 will see changes that push us into a society almost beyond recognition. Elements of this will include artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, virtual reality (VR), driverless cars and flying drones, all powered by a wholesale switch to clean energy sources. Changes in work patterns and free-time availability will be profound, affecting how, when and why urban spaces are used. Growing at an equally fast rate will be the global and regional effects of climate change. It is a race to see which impacts the most first, for I believe that only new scientific breakthroughs (particularly in nanotechnologies) will save us from an over-heating planet.

By 2050 up to 80% of the world's population will live in huge urban conglomerates or mega-cities. Stresses will become unbearable unless we think forward now and understand how we can change and adapt what we do to create green and natural environments within the city fabric which are commonly available to all. That's quite a challenge, but with some wide-open holistic systems-thinking, we can do it. We need to take the best that new technologies will offer and use them to create a supercharged urban nature where all can enjoy a profound biophilic contact.

landscapes will go vertical on many levels

landscapes will go vertical on many levels

What I do. I have always been a forward-thinker. Twenty years ago I was working in natural landscapes and tackling issues of sustainability, when few others were thinking of such. In the early 2000's I was a headline conference speaker on the subject of sustainability and a part of the SGDs (now defunct) Sustainable Design Advisory Committee. Clients included the London School of Economics and Grand Designs Live. I have spent the last decade developing and pioneering vertical greening systems and feel that all my collective experiences point towards envisaging a future where landscapes must become an integral part of urban living solutions. It is therefore vital that we think ahead to anticipate everything that these changes will bring.

My focus is on urban landscapes, biophilia, design psychology, climate mitigation and ecological adaptations. In this work, I offer my thoughts, experience and conceptual design services to forward-thinking planners, visionary architects and developers. I will also be focusing my speaking and workshops around this topic. It is an exciting time of vital transformation and it deserves - and demands - a lot of focus. I believe our urban landscapes will transform into truly wondrous spaces in which we live and work.

I have written more about this in a blog post.

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