Garden Design

garden design with primary still-point

This main seating area is a focus for the garden design

Garden Design has been my passion and profession for over thirty years. In that time I have designed and built many gardens and landscapes, in many styles and situations but all with one thing in common: they strive to connect people back to nature, to give an immersive experience. These days this connecting is called biophilia and is recognised as our essential, biological need to have direct experience of nature. It is programmed into our genetic makeup and it is our spiritual roots.

For most of us, most of the time, an man-made landscape is our daily outdoor experience, so that the creation of good gardens and landscapes becomes an essential element of our wellbeing. Yet too often, such spaces are poorly conceived, or are just the left over bits after buildings have been made. No more. We deserve better than that.

garden design Chichester by Mark Laurence

A Naturalistic-style garden to connect to the wider environment

Gardens become our refuge in a hectic life, which for many of us is dominated by work and travel to and from. Creating a garden as sanctuary is possibly the single best thing you can do. We all love holidays as a relief from stress but they are soon over; a garden stays with you, developing over time, as we humans also do.

Garden design can be fad-driven, gimmicky even. I don't do any of that. Trends come and go; I'm interested in the timeless qualities that are always present. That has nothing to do with style; many different styles can incorporate timeless qualities; style arises out of the character of the site, the client, the purpose and the designer.

Based near Chichester West Sussex UK, I work both locally and internationally. In recent years I have designed or consulted throughout southern England and London, in Ireland and New Hampshire,USA. I have also worked on landscape-related matters in Chicago, Norway, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Please take some time to look through the portfolios; if you like what you see then I'd be very happy to talk to you.