Benefits of Living Green Walls

Living walls at Chelsea Flower Show by MLD

External living wall at the Chelsea Flower Show designed by MLD

Living walls have many human-centric benefits that we should all be aware of:

  • Biophilia - providing our direct connection to Nature
  • Sound attenuation - living walls make environments less noisy
  • Thermal insulation - less heating and cooling costs for buildings
  • Indoor walls aid concentration and reduce illness and absenteeism
  • Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds when used indoors
  • Statement of green intent
  • Artistic expression of beauty
  • Vertical food production
Green walls in Norway by MLD

Indoor living wall in Norway designed by MLD

Green walls have wider-environmental benefits, delivering “eco-system services”:

  • Reduction of Urban Heat Island Effect
  • Efficient removal of air pollutants in urban canyons
  • Evergreen foliage (unlike most trees) effective all year
  • Large Leaf Area Index per sq. metre
  • Rehydration of local microclimate
  • Increase of urban biodiversity, food & habitats
  • rainwater absorption via harvesting
  • Potential cleansing/reuse of greywater