Design of Living Walls

Edgware Road Living Wall London

The iconic living wall at Edgware Road tube station, designed by Mark Laurence

International Living Wall design and development has been a speciality for the last nine years. I have evolved several patented hydroponic living wall systems and worked with them around the world, in climates as diverse as the US continental (Chicago area), Norwegian sub-arctic (Trondheim), European temperate (many), Mediterranean (Barcelona) and in the UAE desert-climate (Dubai). I have designed many of the UK's most iconic walls, such as that at Edgware Road Tube station and at 20 Fenchurch Street.

I offer design and consultancy on living walls both for potential projects, feasibility assessment and troubleshooting for existing walls (of any system) that are experiencing difficulties. I can design walls using any system and give unbiased advice on system selection.

Outdoor green wall in Dubai

A test wall for outdoor plants in Dubai, designed by Mark Laurence

Designing Living Walls requires a good and reliable system, the right selection of plants and those plants need arranging into a coherent design, which is a subtle art. Design is best done in the initial stages before a commercial project goes out to competitive tender; this ensures that design integrity is maintained and that the wall will meet the client brief. Good design adds nothing to the overall cost of a living wall as all contractors build this into their supply costs but early investment in this ensures a premium visual return.