Portfolio of Tree Consultancy

Surveying Azadirachta indica tree

Surveying an Azadirachta indica, or Indian Neem tree. A good specimen

Decongesting Internal Wood

Training staff on removal of internal congestion to improve form and health

Deadwooding Neem tree

Deadwooding a large Neem tree which was shocked by the transplanting

Delonix regia stubs to remove

Many stubs left on this Delonix from incorrect pruning technique

Ficus and Albizia lebbeck damage

These two trees have collapsed together, Ficus to be removed

Surveying Mature Ghaf trees

Surveying a row of mature Prosopis, or native Ghaf tree

Flowers of Millingtonia hortensis

An Asian exotic tree in full flower with a beautiful scent

Nursery Area for Lifted Trees

All these trees were lifted, pruned and stored, awaiting replanting

Surveying Mature Prosopis

Prosopis form a beautiful canopy when given space

Bacterial Wetwood to Old Cut

Over-irrigation makes trees suseptible to Bacterial Wetwood infection

Training Session in Pruning

More training in the correct pruning techniques

Tree being Boxed and Lifted

This tree has been boxed and undercut, ready for lifting

Tree Survey Report Summary

A summary page from one of my reports

Tree Survey report Detail

A detail page from one of my reports, showing areas for attention

Ziziphus spina-christi

Ziziphus, Another native tree forming a wide canopy

Ziziphus Tangled Growth

Ziziphus get very congested, with a lot of epicormic growth