Tree Consultancy in the Middle-east

Tree Consultancy Abu Dhabi

Surveying trees to assess pruning needs, private palace, UAE

Tree consultancy is something I offer and is based upon years of practical arboricultural experience, gained running my own practice in the UK. I specialise in the assessment of trees for general health and pruning requirements, especially in the Middle East region. These may be on development sites or in private residents. In countries like the UAE, landscape development has been so fast that the skills needed to care for broadleaf trees, many of which are exotic to the region, simply do not exist. Even the most basic of training can, I have observed, have a big difference in the quality of care and pruning given.

Tree Pruning_Training Abu Dhabi

Training operatives in basic tree pruning skills, Mushrif Central Park, Abu Dhabi

Tree pruning is a skill which can be taught in terms of the correct cuts to apply, how where and why. Extensive tree surgery, however requires a level of skill which cannot be gained from a quick three-day training. Where extensive care of large trees (such as the indiginous Ghaf) is required, it is possible to organise a team of skilled UK based arborists to carry out such work. Finding equipment that is suitable (such as appropiate chain and handsaws) is also a problem that we can address.

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