Water Garden Design

Water garden USA by MLD

A sculptural water garden in New Hampshire, USA

Water Gardens have been a love and speciality for all of my landscape career and were my first introduction to the world of professional landscaping. I worked under world-renowned Anthony Archer-Wills, who pioneered the use of flexible butyl liners and went on to build the world's largest water garden in the USA. In my susbequent years building ponds and streams, I developed the principles of biofiltration as a natural part of system ecology. Such principles are now applied to "swimming ponds" but I use them to keep every water garden and pond clean.

Natural water garden in UK by MLD

A natural pond and stream with biofilters, UK

Natural ponds tie in very closely to natural planting principles, discussed in the landscape section of this site. However, getting a natural look depends very much on how you detail and construct the edges and on how the water sits within the layout of the site. Too often these things are contrived, or work against the natural rythmn of the land. Water always flows to the lowest point and so it must be seen to do so. Once we get the basic principles right there is nothing like a water garden to relax by!

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