Summerhouse Project

So in one of those typically rain-drenched weeks (Jubilee week, no less), I decided to take time off and build a summerhouse.  Well, you have to be an optimist, don’t you?

I had already built a deck to front it over the winter, from some oak planking I had left over from one of my very last landscape jobs, some years past.  I had also salvaged some rather nice timber, double-glazed windows from a local house refurbishment that was going on in the village. So I ordered the timber, having done some back-of-an-envelope sketches, and got working.  Below are the pics (as it’s raining right now) of things so far:

There’s much more to do, including making some doors from another pair of the windows, which will be a bit challenging.  I also want to line the inside walls with timber and insulation and put a sedum roof on – all will help with temperature fluctuations… I’ll keep you posted on it…

August 17th, 2012 by