A new way of vertical greening – Vertology

I’ve been unusually quiet on the blog front – but something has been brewing.  I’ve been preparing a new green walling company – Vertology (the art of/science of vertical green-ing).  I’ve done this to build on my experience gained from the company I conceived and co-founded, Biotecture, back in 2007, and my time since then working internationally as a designer.  Vertology aims to take greening up to the next level, to increase expertise, plant knowledge, systems design and affordability.  A tall order, but it is there to do!


Vertology Living Wall System

Vertology will make its debut at the Chelsea Flower Show where it is providing six green walls for the RNIB fresh garden, sponsored by Countryside Properties and witht he garden designed by LDC.  I’ve never seen so much intensive design in a small space!  Can’t wait to see it finished.  Here are the walls growing in the Vertology greenhouse.


We have 4000m2 of automated greenhouse to grow our greenwalls in, and are very excited about the prospects.  MLD continues it’s work in a design/consultancy capacity.  See you at Chelsea? www.vertology.uk.com

May 9th, 2014 by