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Building Bio-Systems – it should be an all-out War (effort)

I gave a talk last week on Internal Bio-Systems for buildings, to eFIG, the European Federation of Interiors Group ( which was reported on swiftly by Horticulture Week .  They picked up on my use of the phrase “war-footing” for the kind of response levels needed to deal with the issues at hand.  Why?  Well,

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Vertical Hydroponics

I’ve just put up a revamped article on  vertical hydroponics which I first published on the Biotecture website.  I put it here because it’s relevant – even accounting for commercial bias – to the understanding of urban greening.  Actually, it’s not biased; my trialling and efforts simply showed that hydroponics work better, are more

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Have yer landscape and eat it…

I’ve just posted up an article on edible landscapes, which originally appeared on my old site,  I want to gradually update and re-write some of my better stuff from there, so this is a start and an important one, for it shows the direct link between gardens and sustainability – that S word… you

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