Internal green wall for Aveda

A new wall has just been installed at the Aveda Institute at High Holborn.  An unusual design, it is a column wrap-around, which gives some design and technical challenges.

green wall at Aveda by MLD Greenwall_Aveda-0002

Because it was not possible to retrofit drainage into the building (a common problem when buildings are not owned by the occupiers), a recurculating, tank-based system was designed.  Normally, water is not recirculated in a green wall because the addition of nutrients (usually injected into the water-flow) would cause a build-up of excess mineral salts and create chemical burn to the foliage.  This system avoids those problems and solves the drainage issue.

A selection of plants has been chosen which will adapt to the existing light levels, which are low on the face away from the windows. Feedback from staff and visitors has been incredibly positive!

A second wall, also a column wrap, has been commissioned for Aveda at their outlet in Libertys, Regent Street.

Note: final trim detail to be added at the time these pictures were taken.

2 thoughts on “Internal green wall for Aveda

  1. Good day!
    I’m from Brazil, São Paulo and found your vertical garden project to remedy problems with flooding fantastic!
    I would love to communicate with me you know more details of this project.
    Return await,
    Sueli Vergueiro

  2. use vertical greenery is now not only in restaurants, hotels that have spread to the office.

    Trends used in decorative greenery office is human tendency to put close to nature.
    Vertical gardens are also used to decorate the store or do billboards

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