My Garden in May (old post)

As this is a (re)new(ed) blog, I’m going to tell you about my garden.  I’ve written blogs about this over the years, but they’ve all gone by the wayside.  We’ve been living in our cottage for 17 years or so and the garden has gone through many cycles; mostly of scruffiness and neglect, through to a few brief moments of ascending glory.  We’re on one of the latter right now, only I aim to keep it that way.  In the last few months I have laid a new gravel drive, pollarded willows, built new veg raised beds in the polytunnel and outside, built a fedge (fence-hedge) to the boundary – more on that another day -built a deck and dug over and tamed various parts of the garden.  In other words, there’s been a bit of an onslaught.  Well, our garden has tendencies to wilderness, right here in Sussex…

This is the newest part of the garden, an old area of driveway, gradually being turned into borders, plus oak deck and eventually, a summerhouse.

This is the working end, except when we drink wine in the polytunnel…

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