Of Fedges and Polytunnels

Yesterday I introduced my fedge and polytunnel.  Well, the first of these might be new to you; it’s a conservation term, used to describe an artificial hedge made from brushwood cuttings.  I have quite a few willow in the garden which hadn’t been pollarded for a few years, so when I did them in March (before bud-break), I ended up with two problems; a massive pile of rubbish, and a rather exposed rear boundary, consisting of a section of low wall, and a high section.  We know that a fox jumps up through the low section, to try his luck with our chickens (unsuccessfully so far).  A fence was required.

With a bit of permacultural-style thinking,the problems solved each other; the fedge became the disposal solution for the rubbish, which meant we didn’t have to buy a fence – two expenses saved!  Furthermore, it looks rather attractive with the willow-stem colours and it will become populated by ivy and the like, making a great wildlife haven.  I just have to prevent the willow from rooting, if I don’t want it to…

And finally, here’s the coffee/wine section of the polytunnel.  Hard work, all this veg growing…

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