Building Biomembranes

I have this concept going on in my mind (first wrote about it in 2007) about the exterior surface of buildings being like a living membrane or “biomembrane” (a term for the exterior surface of a cell), and having direct interactions between the internal and external building space, regulating such things as temperature, humidity, air quality, dealing with wastes, especially greywater and harvesting resources, water, sunlight, biomass, food.  In other words, biomimicry, design inspired by the natural functioning of all cellular life.

An early sketch of a Building Biomembrane

The first element of such an idea would be a green roof, followed by green walls (which is why I set up my company Biotecture).  With these two elements we have clothed a building in green, but they are by no means fully interactive with the inner and outer environments.  There is some passive interaction taking place but to truly become a working biomembrane, there must be active systems design involved, with tangible benefits.
I have an old article (Biological Buildings) about this and am writing a new one which I will post up here soon…

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