Tree consultancy in the UAE and GCC countries

I’m pleased to have launched a new website and blog dedicated to this aspect of my work.  Over time the blog will become a useful resource to all those interested in the care of trees in the Middle-East.  My focus and experience has so far been within the UAE but the tree range is similar in most GCC countries.  treecare UAE

2 thoughts on “Tree consultancy in the UAE and GCC countries

  1. Hi Mark,
    We have two palm trees in my back yard that have been identified to have termites. It must be for quite sometime that the termites have infested the trunks. The palm trees also have a slight tilt which may just be from the neighbours palm trees adjacent to ours, but I am not certain. I am concerned about the structural integrity of the two palms and need assistance of a professional to assess whether it is safe to just treat and keep the palm trees. I have two young daughters that often play in the garden around the palm trees and their safety is my priority.

    There are two options on how to deal with the matter, one option being to apply treatment to eliminate the termites and the second option to replace the palm trees which I would like to avoid but would do so if the structural integrity of the palms is questionable.

    Would you be able to provide a service visit to assess?

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